11th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

11th Annual Forum is hosted by EUSBSR and take place 16th June 2020 – 17th June 2020 in the City of Turku (Finland).

The main purpose of the Forum is to gather stakeholders and to discuss how to best cooperate within the EUSBSR framework and how to tackle topical challenges on a macroregional level. Many challenges in the Baltic Sea Region are common for several countries and have a cross-sectoral nature. The solutions to these challenges benefit from being addressed together by various countries and sectors. The Annual Forum 2020 will facilitate a stronger dialogue among stakeholders from different countries and sectors. The aim is to form innovative constellations to find common approaches, which will contribute to the three objectives of the Strategy; Save the Sea, Connect the Region, Increase Prosperity.

Event website: http://annualforum2020.eu/en