SEAPLANSPACE seminars in Denmark

The Danish Center of Regional and Tourism Research and Aalborg University have organised a training program consisting of two separate seminar series includes two joint seminars and six local workshops respectively in Køge and at Bornholm:

1. Introduction to MSP in Denmark (Venue: Koege and Bornholm)

2. Introduction to the Baltic Sea regional framework for MSP and legal aspects (venue: Koege and Bornholm)

3. Introduction to MSP across borders MSP – stakeholder involvement processes (venue: Copenhagen)

4. Maritime spatial planning and marine governance in the Danish perspective (venue: Koege and Bornholm)

5. The Blue growth perspective in Denmark – trends and innovations (venue: Koege and Bornholm)

6. CASES – Sector and stakeholder perspectives: Fisheries, aquaculture and sustainability  (venue: Koege and Bornholm)

7. CASES – Sector and stakeholder perspectives: Cultural heritage, recreation and tourism in a sustainability perspective (venue: Koege)

8. CASES – Sector and stakeholder perspectives: Cruise tourism (venue: Bornholm)

9. Digital tools – digital data and decision support for MSP (venue: Copenhagen)

For more information in Danish here