SEAPLANSPACE courses in Lithuania

EUCC Baltic Office has organized the comprehensive courses in maritime spatial planning for the Lithuanian target groups throughout November 2019 at the premises of EUCC Baltic Office. The courses addressed 1st and 2nd year master students from Klaipėda University as well as public administration, marine business and NGO’s interested in acquiring quite new competences in the process of the marine spatial planning.

The courses were organized in the form of theoretical lectures, practical workshops including practical elements (among others case studies of the real and existing conflicts in MSP), as well as field trips. The lecturers are Lithuanian and foreign experts in MSP.

The courses were held in Klaipeda. The course duration is 80 hours (60 hours in November 2019 and 20 hours in April 2020). In all the cases the place in which the lectures with foreign experts are held is Klaipeda.

See more about the Lituanian SEAPLANSPACE courses here

All additional information can be acquired at the EUCC Baltic Office, Taikos ave. 42-3. LT-91216 Klaipeda, e-mail:


Klaipėda, (60 hours)

MSP in Lithuania: history, principles and practice. (R. Povilanskas)  MSP and ICZM in the European Union: parallels and variances. (R. Povilanskas)
Geography of the South Baltic Sea. (Julius Taminskas)  MSP in Lithuania, Poland and Germany. A comparative analysis. (R. Povilanskas)
GIS and MSP: theory and practice. (Edmundas Greimas)  Application of GIS in the EEZ of Lithuania (Northern part) (E. Greimas)
“Emerald Growth”: MSP and Transitional Waters. (R. Povilanskas)  WFD (2014/89/EU) and MSPD (2014/89/EU): dividing management scopes and areas. (J. Taminskas)
MSP and maritime tourism (Gytis Tumėnas)  MSP and seaside resort management (G. Tumėnas)
MSP and the Baltic Sea Network of Marine Protected Areas (Ramunė Urbonienė)  MSP and the South Baltic coastal and marine cultural heritage (R. Povilanskas)
Transboundary cooperation in MSP: principles and practice. (R. Povilanskas)Management challenges of transboundary transitional waters in Europe. (R. Povilanskas)
UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and MSP (Edmundas Greimas ) Sustainable management of marine resources in the Lithuanian EEZ. (E. Greimas)
Strategic planning principles and methodology in MSP. (R. Povilanskas)Interactive planning methodology and its application for MSP. (R. Povilanskas)