SEAPLANSPACE workshops & manuals

Workshops are prepared and runned by the leading specialists in sustainable marine governance. The participants will be provided with knowledge divided into three main categories referring to different stakeholders – business, administration and NGO’s. The workshops will form the base of common knowledge, enhancing the exchange of views and perspectives among stakeholders, mutual understanding and cooperation in sustainable development of marine areas.

SEAPLANSPACE workshops are performed in all 5 South Baltic Region countries represented in the SEAPLANSPACE Project. Students participating in the workshops have access for specially prepared SEAPLANSPACE manuals which are compendium of properly organised knowledge made available to anyone interested in the use of spatial planning instruments for sustainable management of marine areas.

They also have access to a learning and future collaboration tool which is the SEAPLANSPACE portal – An Internet portal for experts interested in practical and professional information and contacts on marine spatial planning instruments. It is a tool for transboundary, intersectoral, horizontal and vertical cooperation between experts and stakeholders in marine spatial planning.