As the representatives of Gdańsk University – Leader of the SEAPLANSPACE Project – Marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance cofounded by the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020 we would like to invite anyone interested in acquiring new or improving already possessed practical knowledge in the field of maritime spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance. This invitation is especially topical in the light of forthcoming deadline for the implementation of marine spatial plans in the EU Member States.

We would like to invite especially participants working in the public administration, marine business and NGO’s, as well as students and graduates interested in acquiring quite new competences in the process of the marine spatial planning.

The courses will be organized in the form of practical workshops including practical elements (among others case studies of the real and existing conflicts in marine spatial planning). The lecturers will be Polish and foreign experts. For those lectures held in English organizer provides for simultaneous translation.

The courses will be held in Gdańsk and, as needed, in Szczecin. The course duration is 80 hours. It will take place between November 2019 and June 2020. In all the cases the place in which the lectures with foreign experts will be held is Gdańsk.

More detailed information as well as those application forms and Framework Training Programme can be found at

All additional information can be acquired in the SEAPLANSPACE Projects Office, room 2080 Faculty of Law and Administration University of Gdańsk Bażyńskiego street no 6. 80-309 Gdańsk e-mail:

Information about recruitment:  phone: +4858 5236693; e mail:

Let’s become a specialist in the new ‘seaspace’ labour field.