EUCC Baltic Office (Project Partner)

EUCC Baltic States Office is a regional office of the Coastal and Marine Union – EUCC for the Eastern European countries of the Baltic Sea. EUCC is a stakeholder and network association with expert members and NGO member organisations in 40 countries. Founded in 1989 with the aim of promoting a European approach to coastal conservation by bridging the gap between scientists, environmentalists, site managers, planners and policy makers, it is the largest network of coastal & marine practitioners and experts in Europe, with five international offices and focal points and national branches in ten countries. Registered since 1995 in Lithuania, the EUCC Baltic States Office is active in the east of the Baltic Sea: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Northwest Region of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of the EUCC Baltic States Office are to promote integrated coastal zone management and sustainable maritime planning in the Eastern Baltic area and to disseminate information on EUCC activities in the region.